Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd.

New corporate philosophy and guiding principle

Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd.

Corporate Philosophy

  • While exploring a wide range of potentialities of the seas surrounding us, we will strive to understand the mechanisms of the Earth and its oceans with a view to contributing to the human good.
  • We will employ our intelligence, technology, and enthusiasm to embody the wishes of our customers in their quest for knowledge of the seas, thereby justifying the trust they place in us.
  • We will work to raise the capabilities of each individual and to integrate these capabilities into a whole to offer world-class technologies and services.
  • We will act responsibly as a corporation and as individuals.

Guiding Principle

Aiming to be the best.
In its chosen field of oceans and deep seas, Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. pursues survey, research and engineering development with a strong worksite force that adheres to safety and management guidelines.


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