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Privacy policy

    Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. ("Nippon Marine Enterprises" hereafter) handles the personal information of users and other persons as explained in this Privacy Policy. "Personal information" as used here refers to information that pertains to living individuals and that can be used to identify a particular individual.
  Applicable laws and regulations
    In addition to the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, Nippon Marine Enterprises observes all applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information and its own applicable corporate regulations.
  The acquisition and use of personal information
    In the course of carrying out its business, Nippon Marine Enterprises necessarily acquires personal information that includes, but is not limited to, the full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and place of business of a user.
Nippon Marine Enterprises uses personal information for the purposes listed below. Note that only when prior agreement from a particular user or legal permission is obtained will Nippon Marine Enterprises use the personal information of a user and then only to the extent that it is necessary for carrying out the following purposes:
- Sending a reply to an inquiry Nippon Marine Enterprises has received
- Sending information about Nippon Marine Enterprises
- Sending a letter of greetings
- Performing other actions that are associated with the above uses
  The management of personal information
    In order to prevent personal information from being leaked, lost, used in any way to cause harm or injury, or illegally accessed, Nippon Marine Enterprises takes all necessary measures for the proper management of personal information. In connection with the handling of personal information, Nippon Marine Enterprises adequately supervises all its employees, and in the case that the handling of personal information is outsourced, Nippon Marine Enterprises also requires that the contractor adequately manage the personal information.
  Providing personal information to third parties
    Nippon Marine Enterprises may provide third parties with the personal information of a particular user only to the extent that it is legally permitted. Accordingly, personal information will be provided only if a prior agreement with the user exists, if legal regulations permit, or if the handling of personal information is outsourced within a defined scope for achieving the purposes described above.
  Disclosure, correction, and disuse of personal information
    If a user wishes to review or to correct the personal information that Nippon Marine Enterprises holds about the user, or to request that Nippon Marine Enterprises no longer use the user's personal information or that Nippon Marine Enterprises disclose to the user how the user's personal information is being used, the user is asked to contact the applicable Nippon Marine Enterprises department. Upon receiving such a request from any user, Nippon Marine Enterprises will verify that the request is from that user himself or herself and will take action in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. Note, however, that this paragraph will not necessarily apply if the disclosure of the personal information of the user violates any law or regulation or if a law or regulation states that disclosure is not mandatory.
  Nippon Marine Enterprises' internal systems
    In order to properly observe national laws and regulations and Nippon Marine Enterprises' own corporate regulations regarding the handling of personal information, Nippon Marine Enterprises holds corporate training seminars for all of its employees. Nippon Marine Enterprises also appoints a person who is assigned responsibility for the handling of users' personal information.
  Privacy policy revisions
    In response to suggestions from users and as required by changes in laws or regulations, Nippon Marine Enterprises will review its privacy policy in an effort to update and improve it. Whenever revisions are made, the revisions will be published on this Web site.

Nippon Marine Enterprises' legal standards for this Web site

  Nippon Marine Enterprises operates and manages this Web site in order to provide its users with various kinds of information. Nippon Marine Enterprises owns the copyrights and other rights to this Web site to the extent that no prior rights or specific regulations apply.

  Provided that Nippon Marine Enterprises' copyright indication acknowledging its ownership is added and that use of this Web is for personal use and not for purposes of profit, users of this Web site are allowed to copy, use, and download its content, including documents, photos, and illustrations. If, however, specific items of content are subject to specific conditions of use, these conditions shall be adhered to. Except as stated above, Nippon Marine Enterprises does not grant its users any right (license) that is based on intellectual property rights, including document-related copyrights, patents, and trademarks.
  Nippon Marine Enterprises provides its Web site and all information and content thereon without supplying any guarantee or warranty. Accordingly, Nippon Marine Enterprises will not be held liable for any damage or loss whatsoever resulting from either direct or indirect use of the site by users. Also note that Web site content is subject to change or removal without prior notice.
  Responses received from Nippon Marine Enterprises, whether in the form of an e-mail, phone, or fax communication, to inquiries from its customers to Nippon Marine Enterprises must not be carried on customers' Web sites or the like without the permission of Nippon Marine Enterprises.
  Nippon Marine Enterprises will not be held liable for the results of access to any other Web sites that users access via this Web site. Users shall understand that access to any Web site other than this Web site is totally independent of Nippon Marine Enterprises and that Nippon Marine Enterprises exercises no management privileges or control related to the content of such Web sites.

Linking to this Web site

  Although anyone is free to link to this Web site, please note the following restrictions.
  You are not allowed to link to this Web site if the content or intended operation of your Web site falls under the any of the following categories:
- Your Web site violates commonly accepted public morals (for example, the web site is an adult Web site).
- Your purpose is to libel or slander Nippon Marine Enterprises, Ltd. in any way.
- The content of your Web site violates, or is likely to violate, any laws or regulations.
- The link you establish to this Web site wrongly implies that this Web site or a page thereof is part of the Web site from which the link is made.

  After carrying the following banner image and text, you are required to provide the banner image with a link to the URL indicated below. Additionally, you are required to provide the complate text with a link to the URL indicated below. However, you may use only the comment, without the banner image.

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