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Presentation title History of 7,000m Class ROV KAIKO 7000
Symposium name Underwater Intervention 2006
Date of presentation January 24, 2006
Place of presentation Tampa Comvention center, Florida, USA
Presenter Hideki Sezoko
Presentation overview KAIKO had many experiences diving to the Mariana Trench Challenger deep. However, KAIKO had lost her vehicle through a serious accident on May 29th, 2003. JAMSTEC appreciated the seriousness of the situation for deep-sea research and immediately established a Committee for the Investigation of Accident. At same time, JAMSTEC had started the KAIKO7000 development plan, which was to remodel the 7,000m class ROV UROV7K as a replacement for the KAIKO vehicle. This a temporary system to replace the newly developing 10,000m class ROV. KAIKO7000 started its research cruises on April 2005. This paper introduces the development and cruises of KAIKO7000.

History of 7,000m Class ROV KAIKO 7000

  Technical paper
Paper title
History of 7,000m Class ROV KAIKO 7000 History of 7,000m Class ROV KAIKO 7000

Hideki Sezoko

Name of publication

Underwater Intervention 2006

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