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Presentation title Efficient Methods for AUV in JAMSTEC
Symposium name Underwater Intervention 2006
Date of presentation January 24, 2006
Place of presentation Tampa Comvention center, Florida, USA
Presenter Akihisa Ishikawa
Presentation overview An autonomous underwater vehicle has been developed by Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) since 2000. The vehicle was named “URASHIMA”.
Recently, various types of autonomous underwater vehicles have been developed. Some of these autonomous underwater vehicles are effectively used for conventional surveys because of their small size. On the other hand, large class autonomous underwater vehicles are being developed high technology computers, navigation systems and power sources.
On February 2005, “URASIMA” could cruse autonomously 317km in SURUGA Bay. In order to achieve the result, it is important to operate AUV safely in any weather. In this paper, the know-how to operate AUV safely in the sea trial is described.

Underwater Intervention 2006

  Technical paper
Paper title
Efficient Methods for AUV in JAMSTEC

Akihisa Ishikawa

Name of publication

Underwater Intervention 2006

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