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Presentation title Loss of the full ocean depth ROV Kaiko. The cause of secondary cable fracture.
Symposium name INMARTECH 2004
Date of presentation September 21, 2004
Presenter Yokuyasu Yamauchi
Presentation overview Kaiko, the full ocean depth ROV system which Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, JAMSTEC spent six years for the development, is the only investigation system capable of reaching the Challenger Deep, the deepest trench in the world.
Kaiko started the operation in 1995, and it symbolizes the latest technology of JAMSTEC.
On May 29. 2003, after completing its 296th dive at a depth of 4675 m, the Kaiko vehicle could not be recovered due to the break of the secondary cable at the vehicle end.
The search for the vehicle was carried out until June 21st from the surface and from the air without success.
This accident is the worst since JAMSTEC was founded. JAMSTEC has recognized this accident as a serious problem, and established an accident investigating committee to investigate the cause of the accident and to suggest preventive actions.
The committee presented the first report to JAMSTEC on July 30. The first report described the cause of the accident and a proposal for JAMSTEC, including the modification of the existing ROV,UROV7K, as the tentative vehicle of the Kaiko.
This paper introduces the outline of the accident and the Kaiko 7000, in which the modified UROV7K is incorporated as the vehicle.


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